Gary Taber


Originally from England, Gary had a love for art as a young teen and was following a path to become a silversmith before moving to the USA in 1980. With a growing family and career Gary wasn’t able to dedicate time for artistic endeavors but his travels around the west and a health scare gave him the inspiration for a late return to the arts. Starting with creative photography, then applying that to inspire 3D works where he is more dexterous at using his hands. Gary’s global excursions have also afforded him the ability to breath new life into materials of opportunity (stone, coral, wood) that he has gathered along the way.

Artist statement

I am a self-empowered sculptor working in a contemporary style. My work is primarily made up of a variety of Alabaster, Steatite and Coral enhanced with wood, metal, clay and repurposed objects to create engaging, reimagined natural forms. Each piece is original, unique and distinctive; when revisiting a subject each interpretation has its own characteristics and individuality.

There’s not always a plan. I have a concept, the raw materials and the inspiration I just have to envision something special. Whenever possible I do like to leave exposed natural textures and fissures in stone to enhance individual pieces, taking full advantage of the effects of light, shadow and texture.

“Creativity is in constant flux”


For News and Events you can follow me at The Westcliff Guild on FaceBook and Instagram by using the links bellow.

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